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Company Timeline

Purchases new corporate headquarters in St. Louis, MO and opens The Windfall Training Center with partner, CDS Moving Equipment.  ACI also releases the Equipment Tracking App enhancement to Windfall Mobile Pro.

ACI releases Windfall 5.0, a completely redesigned web based warehouse and inventory system. ACI also changes its branding of Windfall and Asset Controls, Inc.

ACI wins the American Moving and Storage Assoc. Summit Award for the industries supplier of the year.

Mobile Mover and Windfall Basic becomes standards for multiple van lines. Developed begins to move Windfall LITE & Unlimited to completly web based systems.

Development of Mobile Mover started and its integration in to Windfall Basic. Major pricing change to all products.

Introduction of Windfall Basic. Developed as an easy to use, hosted solution for companies that need to partner with others to provide services in multiple locations.

Release of the first barcode scanner with a color camera. This capability allows for tying images to barcodes automatically.

.Net conversion the Warehouse System goes into the Beta Phase in late Fall.

ACI announces the biggest summer sales year ever. (May 31st - Aug. 31st.)

ACI Furniture Standards get approved by ANSI to use for International Shipments.

ACI joins the Office Furniture Dealers Alliance due to customer demand.

Windfall Drivers Systems outsells the Windfall Warehouse System for the first time.

.Net conversion of the Windfall Product Line starts on the Warehouse System.

Windfall Drivers Systems become the standard in the industry with all major van lines implementing the kits.

Asset Controls, Inc. posts it's best year ever for sales.

.Net conversion of the Windfall Product Line begins with the release of the new data collection device. ACI chooses Microsoft Mobile 2003 as a platform and rewrites its mobile software in .Net.

Windfall RF 2.0 is introduced with the new mobile software allowing for wireless warehouses. All middleware is eliminated during the rewrite to save customers money.

Windfall Network is put in to production so movers can share data nationwide.

Windfall RF Warehouse System Released – Windfall Radio Frequency is made available for customers who need real-time data capture for high volume cross-docks or distribute projects.


Windfall Warehouse System 3.0 Released – Pallet tracking, advanced reporting and full file and records management make up the major enhancements for 3.0

150 Windfall Warehouse Systems Sold – ACI hits the 150 mark for total sales of Windfall.

Windfall Pocket PC Driver System Released – With the tremendous success of the first version, 2300 units sold, ACI releases the next generation system. Utilizing touch screen, signature capture and cellular data technology, drivers can perform inventories and several other functions faster and more efficiently.

Windfall Storage Invoicing System Released – Movers can bill for all their storage quickly and easily. The system interfaces with the warehouse system so invoices can be generated for all storage by a number of different billing methods.

Windfall LITE Warehouse System Released – System allows smaller to mid-size agents the opportunity that the larger agents had. Perfect for special projects or smaller inventory management customer demands.

Windfall Customer Internet Access System Released – Allows movers customer to go on-line and view, sort, filter, run reports and perform work orders for all their items in a mover warehouse.

Windfall Warehouse System 2.0 Released – MS SQL database platform, custom reporting and customer profiles took 2.0 to a new level and allowed movers to easily break through into new business opportunities.

Windfall Driver Inventory System Release - ACI developed a process that allows drivers to inventory goods with bar code technology, update van line servers with the data and scan the items off at destination, all with one mobile device. Full reporting capabilities allow drivers to print all forms for inventory, set-offs, carton summaries, and exceptions.

Windfall Warehouse System1.0 Released ACI released its first software designed solely for the moving & storage industry. The bar-code based system gave movers the ability to mange warehouses more efficiently than ever before.

Two Years of Success - ACI was able to help customers throughout North America get a handle on what they had. Customers like Anheuser Busch, The Discovery Channel, Fed Ex, Museum of Technology & Innovation, Norlight Communication, BJC Health Systems, and more all benefit from the technology and processes created by ACI.

ACI Partners With Bar-Code Software Developer – ACI partners and becomes dealer for Bar|Scan Asset Management System. Works with developer to tie in ACI’s processes to software’s data collection capabilities.

ACI Founded - Executives from a major van line saw a need in the area of bar-coded fixed asset management in helping customers get control of what they had on their sites.

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